About Mrs. Horseproblems

I am privileged to write about my wife. Very few people know just how good she really is as she hides her true talent. She will hate this article if she finds it. Quite simply, I have never met or seen another person with the talent, knowledge and finesse to be able to train or re-educate the young, green or problem horse like Linda can. She is World Class. She has ridden around 8,000 young horses and has competed at the Olympic Dressage Level on a horse that was destined for the abattoirs.

In October, 2011, she commenced the Career of Her latest Horse, 'Cappo' and in October, 2013, won Prix St. George and Intermediate 1 Champion at the State Spring Championships. On the 22nd October, she commenced the last movement of the Olympic Level, Tempi Changes but has her Piaffe and Passage established. So Preliminary to Grand Prix in 2 Years.!! web small Should you have a particular Dressage Training problem that perhaps your Coach cannot put the finger on, I suggest that you look at her new range of DVD's. I would be amazed if she could not help you considerably or at least point you and your Coach in the right direction. Her wide knowledge of fixing the more difficult problem comes from the fantastic experience of riding so many difficult horses. You can not learn this from books, video tapes or clinics. The horse is the worlds best Coach. Linda is Dutch and trains with Adelinde cornelissen (Dutch Olympic Team) 2007. Selected to the State Dressage Squad. Remember, one idea can change your progress dramatically.

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Preliminary to Grand Prix in 2.5 Years